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At Big Storage Solutions we provide specialist storage and warehousing solutions for areas from 100 square metres to up to 100,000 square metres for both standard and over dimensional items.

We have over 2 million square metres of both under cover secure warehouse storage and open air secure storage for short, medium and long term storage solutions. 

Our Head office at North Geelong has 16,000 square metres of Secure Undercover Storage

with our facilities Security Monitored and fitted with Automated Sprinkler Systems and 24 hour Patrolled Monitoring. 


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I Dispatch or Recieve my goods?

Big Storage Solutions can recieve and dispatch goods on your behalf saving you time and money.

Do you offer Commercial storage?

At Big Storage Solutions we offer Commercial Storage for short or long term requirements whether for "Start Up" businesses or large "Multinationals" of corporations looking for long term storage and distribution solutions.

What items can I store?

BIG Storage Solutions offers warehouse and storage facilities for items included but not limited to: - Automotive such as Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Rail or Hi-Rail Equipment - Construction Equipment - Agricultural & Farming Equipment - Wind Farm & Turbine Equipment - Solar & Alternative Energy Equipment - Mining Equipment - Transport Equipment - Dry Goods & Consumer Products - Pelletised Goods - Carton Products & Racking Solutions - Apparel & Clothing - Storage & Distribution for Overseas Manufacturers.

What kind of Insurance Policy do you have?

BIG Storage Solutions (BSS) holds a General Liabilitiy Policy and a Garage Keepers Policy. Garage Keepers insurance is considered a "secondary" insurance. We highly recommend that you keep your own comprehensive insurance policy in effect for goods held in storage and please refer to our terms and conditions to understand our limitation of liability in the event of an accident or damage. Stored Equipment and Stock must be insured by the Storer for Fire Theft and Accidental Damage. BIG Storage Solutions offers a variety of Insurance Options fo r clients via our trusted partners in Elders Insurance. (Refer to Terms & Conditions) Where Vehicles or Equipment is stored with BIG Storage Solutions it must be covered by the Storer for fire, theft and accidental damage while in Storage with our company. We advise all storer's of vehicles or equipment with BSS to advise their insurers that their vehicle (goods) is being stored at BSS. Alternatively BSS can arrange insurance or an indemnity basis on your behalf subject to the terms & conditions of the policy and payable by the Storer.